Vault Festival 2018

The Vault Festival ( is an an incredible annual festival showcasing a huge range of performance art. Starting on 24 January 2018, the tunnels underneath Waterloo Station will be transformed into a hive of activity.

If you are one of the artists who is performing at the Vaults - congratulations! 

If you are one of these artists, but haven't yet got your visual advertising finalised - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! The deadline before your poster and visual advertising needs to be finished is 30th October!

Last year I had the pleasure of working with two performers to create their images - Gemma Arrowsmith for 'Earthling' and for Joseph Cullen 'You having Olaf' - two very different shows.

I love the challenge of creating images which capture the aesthetics and concept of a show, and if you don't yet have your advertising complete, consider dropping me a line. I'll make sure you have a fantastic set of images ready in time for the looming deadline!

Come say hello at

And, if you are looking for the complete poster package, is a great place to go to add that finishing touch to your photos.