The Elephant in the Studio.

I felt compelled to write this blog, to discuss the often unmentioned elephant in the room - headshots can be scary.

There. I said it.

You are in a situation with a photographer you may not have met before, in a studio you may not be familiar with, doing something that may not be your first choice of fun for a few hours.

I get that. I understand.

Headshots can be awkward. I sometimes analogise it to like being in an audition which you can't leave until you get the part. It's easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself.

I also often hear stories from clients about bad experiences they have had in the past. This makes me sad, and frustrated that they had to go through this in order to get headshots.

Headshots are all about showing who you are. Not reinventing or forcing a persona for a photograph. The strongest tool you have as a performer is yourself. As you are. Nobody else has that. And those 'flaws' that you think set you back? No! They set you APART. One of the many things I love about having the opportunity to photograph people is to see how unique, nuanced, and individual everybody is. By allowing yourself to be yourself in the photo, you will, by definition, be showing yourself at your best. Sure - lighting, removing the odd blemish in post production, and making sure your t-shirt isn't covered in lint (seriously, I swear it is self replicating) is important too, but nothing is as powerful and you being YOU.

One of the things that makes me very happy is when an enquiry comes through and I get told that the reason a client has contacted me is that they saw that the people in my portfolio looked relaxed. That they seemed at ease. Since that is my raison d'etre when working with someone on a shoot, I am so happy that comes across in my work.

I guess this blog post is, in summary, to say - don't worry if you're nervous having your headshots taken. Thats normal. They can be scary. If, however you chose to have yours taken with me, I will work hard to make sure you feel comfortable enough so that your true self can shine through. And I've been there myself. I've had the awkward shoot. I know 100% how it feels.

Embrace that elephant. Conquer it!