2016…And Beyond

As is tradition (well, second year running anyway), this blog post is to reflect on the wonderful, challenging, rewarding, exciting year that 2016 has been for me.

I have done more shoots than I imagined being reasonably able to shake a stick at, I have grown fondly familiar with the long drive to Manchester (lots of scream-singing in the car), I have met, and worked with so many fantastic people, and as I write this, I have already confirmed bookings up until April of 2017. Thats insane. It's great, but insane.

2016 didn't come without it's challenges. In July I sustained a severe leg injury which meant that for a considerable length of time I was unable to walk, and even setting up a shoot or holding a camera was impossible. That was so frustrating. But I'm back now (albeit temporarily a bit slower), and with a determination of such magnitude to grow even more in 2017 that it's giving me goosebumps. OK, maybe the goosebumps are because it's freezing cold as I type this, but I have excitement non the less.

In May I was proud, excited, and exhausted, to exhibit my 'Dark Hollywood' work. Since it's debut in Angel, London, it's travelled around, giving people food for thought as they stare into the noir shadows. This makes me so happy. 2017 will see me start work on my next project 'fas-ɛt', and I can't wait.

If you would like your headshot or portrait taken, your portfolio expand with new  material, or you have a performance piece, creative project, business, or event you would like capturing, please drop me a line to discuss.

May 2017 be a fantastic year for you x