Film Noir Part Two

One of my very favourite styles of photography is Film Noir. I think it is a beautiful form of expression, which expands the boundaries an image by having often the majority of the subject in shadow, thus creating a visual story which the viewer's own mind needs to complete.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful actor Edwin Flay. We spent a few hours going through various looks, narratives and shooting styles, and we finished the shoot with over 300 frames which I am currently sorting through.

For me, during a shoot, as soon as I capture just one useable image, everything else after that image is a bonus. By shooting in this way, it creates a pressure free, relaxed atmosphere, and allows the subject to just 'be' in the moment, and not worry about creating a 'product'.

This photo was the first photo where I knew the shoot had been a success. We of course captured many fantastic images after this, but this frame communicates everything I wanted from the shoot.

This images is as shot - and aside from grading the colour to make it a little less saturated, I have done no editing. Working with controlled lighting (this was shot in a fully lit studio) is an aspect of photography I love, and the creative results are virtually boundless.

What does this photo say to you? I'd be interested to hear your comments. Every photo has a story, after all.

Rosemary x