We've all done it. A selfie. Some, more than others. There's nothing wrong with it in moderation, so long as you NEVER, EVER use 'duck-face'. Just don't.

As a photographer, sometimes I don't have anybody to practice on other than myself and a portrait selfie (pelfie?!) is inevitable.

Yesterday I was trying out a new lighting set up which I will be using for modelling and portrait shots. It's a ring light which gives a really soft (or striking, depending on how you expose it and set up the shoot) light and due to the shape of the light source it gives the subject's eyes a lovely circular catchlight (the name given to the point on the eye where a light source can be seen). It also gives next to no shadows, so will be great for dynamic, strong portraits, as well as really soft, flattering shots.

For my 'pelfie' I chose to go more dynamic than soft, put on some reflective contouring makeup and snapped away for 10 minutes. The results were really satisfying as the below image (which is an example of how the light works) required no editing, other than me changing the white balance. This wasn't even necessary, but I wanted to give the shoot a bright, slightly etherial look.

I'd love to hear from you if you are considering portraits or modelling shots. Drop me a line on my 'Contact' page.