Surviving Actors 2015

I'm really pleased and excited to announce that Rosemary Rance Photography (i.e. me!) will be exhibiting at the Surviving Actors 2015 exhibition in Manchester on 10 October.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for performers to meet industry, go to workshops, find out what resources and organisations are out there who can offer support, and get to meet face to face some of the people who are dedicated to supporting their (your?) future careers.

I can't give too much away at this stage, but in the forthcoming weeks I will be announcing something which I will be doing at the congress which is an all time first for Surviving Actors!

I would love to say 'hi' to you if you plan on being there, and to discuss face to face how I can help you get that casting-bullseye of a headshot.

Details of the exhibition can be found at