London headshot portrait and creative photographer.

It all starts with a "hello".

I'd love to hear from you if you are considering headshots, portraits, or have an event or project you would like capturing.

I shoot at either my studio in North West London, or on location if required.

For me, photography should have just two rules - to capture the 'true' individual/story, and to ensure that the subject feels comfortable and enjoys the shoot. I feel I have done a good job if people forget about the camera.

An important aspect of my work is that my photos are honest. I am against the trend of digital body manipulation, unless it is for a specific, and necessary artistic brief. I make sure that the lighting and composition is tailored to the individual, and as much as possible, not augmented digitally post shoot. This extra preparation helps ensure that your photos stand the test of time. My editing style is methodical and detail oriented. This will ensure that (unless required for the artistic brief), the subject doesn't appear 'edited' - they just look their very best!

My shoots are enjoyable, laid back, and fun. I listen to what the client wants, and work hard to ensure that my photos represent their style and personality truthfully.

Often found in North London coffee shops.